Conference events will take place at and near Cowin Auditorium at Teachers College, Columbia University. Using Google Maps it can be located with the address: 3040 Broadway.



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The TC transportation page and the MTA website provides useful information about the various public transportation options in NYC. Teachers College is located on 120th between Broadway and Amsterdam. The nearest subway station is the 1 line at 116th and Broadway. There are many bus routes that stop nearby including the M4, M5, M60, M104, and M11. The easiest way to navigate public transportation is using Google Maps to plan your route.

Public transportation from the airport to Teachers college…

From LaGuardia, take the M60 bus. This bus comes all the way into Manhattan and lets

passengers off at 120th and Amsterdam.

From JFK, you should take AirTran to Jamaica Station. Here you can access the NYC subway system and board an E train towards Manhattan. You can switch from the E to the 1 train towards the Bronx at 42nd Street Port Authority and get off at the 116th street station. From there it’s a short walk north to Teachers College.

From Newark, other than a cab, you might consider taking the express bus to NYC. Take the express bus to the 42nd Street Port Authority stop and transfer to the 1 train towards the Bronx. Get off the train at the 116th street station. From there it’s a short walk north to Teachers College.

Cabs can be taken from all airports to Teachers College. However, be sure to only use the official cab stand at each terminal. You will see signs in the airport directing you to this cab stand. Tell the dispatcher you are going to Manhattan, and then when in the cab, tell the driver your destination (Teachers College, your hotel address, etc.). Visit airport websites for more information about the location of these stands and pricing. Do NOT take offered rides from random people in the airport as these are illegal and often a scam.

You can also use rideshare apps such as Lyft or Uber. The apps will direct you where to go for pickup.

Cabs, Lyft, and Uber

Cabs can be hailed from the sidewalk on most NYC streets. Most cabs take cash or credit card. Only use official yellow or green taxi cabs as these are the only cabs licensed to operate in the city. Lyft and Uber also operate throughout the city.


There is very little parking at Teachers College. However, this page provides more information about nearby parking garages.


NYC is a very walkable city. During the conference we highly recommend walking through Columbia’s campus, visiting Central Park, Riverside Park, or Morningside Park. You’ll find you can get most places in the five boroughs just by using public transportation and walking! However, like any major city you should be aware of your surroundings especially at night.



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